15 June 2024, Saturday

Casco Insurance

Kasko Sigortası

We provide a flexible payment plans and special discounts for long-term and return customers!

With motor own damage insurance Casco (comprehensive auto coverage) you will be able to secure your car from complex hazards or unexpected situations (insured risks). Your vehicle will be insured against all possible risks. This insurance will prevent you from unexpected expenses by remedying your damages.

Groupama Difference in Casco

1) If your new model car (at 0 kms)is stolen or suffers total loss during the first year of your policy, Casco Motor Insurance will buy the same vehicle or pay you an amount equal to its current value.

2-) In case of  accident or repair, we provide you with a leased car. 

3-) We offer you personalized coverages.

4-) We provide you  quality services through over 1500 damage service access points. 

5-) In minor repairs, you get to keep your no-claim discount.

Our wide range and economical products;

  • Super Auto Casco Insurance

This insurance is the right choice for you if you want all risks insurance if you want all your risks covered; this insurance is the right choice for you!

  • Elit Casco

The Opportunity for you to keep your earned no claim discount rates of 40%, 50% and 60% in Elit Casco.

  • Classic Casco

You can select the coverages you would like, identify your Casco based on your choices and create your own insurance package!