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Health Insurance

Sağlık Sigortası

First of all, we wish you healthy days…

The goal of our health insurance policies is to support you during diagnosis and treatment stages.   

While we are providing you best services through our wide network of hospitals/pharmacies, labs, health services, home nurse care, ambulance, first aid services are offered to you free of charge.

Let’s choose the best heath plan for you together so that you can enjoy life without worrying

Our Health Coverages;

1- ) Only Inpatient Coverage

You can select this coverage if you would like to be covered for inpatient diagnosis and treatment costs. Emergency outpatient and outpatient treatment after hospitalization are also included in this package!

2- ) Both Inpatient and Outpatient Coverage

We support you with these policies when you need us the most!

We cover your expenses occurred during inpatient and outpatient diagnosis and treatments within the limits and conditions of the policy.

3- ) Travel Health Insurance

Add Travel Health Insurance to your travel checklist!

With the Travel Health Insurance, we insure your emergency health problems that you may experience during your travels abroad, with this insurance you can relax while away!

If you would like you can add personal accident insurance to this coverage as well.

Scope of coverage of the Travel Health Insurances:

1-) Medical treatment due to injury or illness

2-) Transportation of the insured by reason of injury or illness

3-) Transportation to the permanent domicile after discharge from hospital

4-) Transportation of the insured who has died

5-) Communication of urgent messages

6-) Accommodation of one of the family members for the treatment of the insured

7-) Return travel due to cessation of travel by reason of death of any of family members

8-) Return travel due to cessation of travel by reason of a damage that has occurred at home

9-) Location of luggage, conveying the luggage to the insured

10-) Luggage on tariff, damage to or theft of luggage

11-) Delayed luggage

12-) Bailment in relation to legal procedures

13-) Organization of dispatch of medicines/drugs

14-) Communication of urgent messages

Smart Travel Health Insurance

Groupama "SMART" Travel Health Insurance is a health policy that covers students’ medical treatment costs of up to € 30,000 during their study abroad due to emergency situations such as "sudden illness" or "injury".