25 May 2024, Saturday

Freight Insurances

Nakliyat Sigortası

With transport and specie policies, we secure your goods/valuables during transport against possible risks such as theft, damages.

Also with our yacht and hull insurances we do not only provide coverage for your goods but crafts themselves against risks and prevent you from economic losses.

Transport Insurance

Transportation and cargo insurance covers the risk of physical damage as a result of occurrence of an accident or incident to a good at the time of its transportation by a transportation vehicle (trucks, ships, planes or trains) from any point to another point pursuant to the clauses and conditions specified in the policy.

Specie Insurance

This Insurance insures risks of damage to gold and similar precious metals as well as stones, jewels, cash, and similar precious goods at the time of their carriage by a vehicle (ship, truck, plane or train) from one place to another as a result of an accident place pursuant to clauses and conditions specified in the policy and/or risks of armed hijack and robbery.

Inland Road Carrier Insurance

The policy covers the legal liabilities of your transportation company in case of a realized risk occurred during the transportation of commodity belonging to your customers with your own or rented vehicle. Inland road carriers’ liability policy just covers the risks due to the fault of carrier according to Turkish Commercial Law within the conditions and limits of the policy.

Yacht Insurance

This insurance covers loss of or damage to commercially or privately used pleasure crafts under the terms and condition.

Hull Insurance

This insurance covers loss of or damage to the vessels or other sea-and lake-going vessels or other related insurable benefits under the terms and conditions and during the period stated in the policy. General perils covered by the policy:

a-) Perils of the sea rivers lakes or other navigable waters

b-) Fire, explosion, violent theft by persons from outside the vessel, earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning

c-) Contact with land conveyance, dock or harbor equipment or installation and contact with aircraft, helicopters or similar objects, or objects falling there from Jettison Negligence of Master Crew or Pilots.