15 June 2024, Saturday

Engineering Insurances

Mühendislik Sigortaları

Breakage of the tools used during construction or production, tools that become inoperable due to natural disasters such as floods, or malfunctioning  of equipment during erection are covered under these type of insurances.

Constructor’s All Risks Insurance

It covers all kinds of construction projects – related risks (building, road, dam, port, sewage, drinking water and electricity lines, airport, etc.) from the date of commencement of the construction until the date of completion or delivery of the Project, under suitable coverage.

Erection All Risks Insurance

It covers all the risks of the machines used in for example fertilizer factories, food and metal processing facilities, textile sector, brick factories, paper, limber, and leather industry involving assembly projects, assembly of which can be demonstrated, from the time the machines which will be erected reach the building site until the time their trial phases and erection are completed under suitable coverage.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This insurance covers all losses may be caused by breakdowns, electrical damages, lubrications defects or business accidents for machines used at the factories or workshops and construction equipment used in constructions.

The principal risks that are automatically covered by Machinery Breakdown Insurance, provided that they occur suddenly and for unexpected reasons are as follows;

1-) Enterprise accidents 

2-) Faults of manufacturing, assembly workmanship

3-) Lubrication faults

4-) Damages arising from electrical energy (indirect effects of voltage fluctuations, short circuit /fire without flames, lightning)

5-) Storm

6-) Congestion, entry of foreign substances

7-) Negligence, fault, mistake, bad- faith, carelessness of the enterprise’s employees or third parties

The scope of coverage of Machinery Breakdown Insurance can be expanded by requesting additional coverages.

The value that constitutes the basis of insurance in machinery breakdown insurances the replacement values of the machines compared to the new machines. The damages that occur within the scope of this insurance are mostly partial damages and since the broken down part is replaced by a new part, the damage payment is made on the basis of this new part. It is necessary to separately issue a Fire Insurance for fixed machines which have been insured under Machinery Breakdown Insurance.

Electronic Equipment Device Insurance

This insurance covers all damages that can be caused by falling, breakdown, theft, burning and electrical damages of electrical equipment such as data processing systems, medical devices, telephone systems, photocopies, televisions and computers. The principal risks that are automatically taken under coverage by the Electronic Equipment Insurance with the condition that they occur suddenly and for unexpected reasons.